October 7, 2022

Henry Cavill may Reprise His role As Superman even If A new actor Is Cast

DC has been trying to launch an extended universe to compete with marvel for a number of years now but there have been roadblocks along the way. poor reception to some of the early films led to a lot of changes in direction and it took a long while for things to get off the ground, which implies that a lot of the characters have been played by multiple actors and there are different iterations of numerous DC characters. some of these films will be a part of the DC extended universe while others will be standalone films, so it can get pretty confusing. 



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One of the big questions that people have about the future of the DC extended universe is, who will be the new Superman? Henry Cavill took on the role in man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, and Justice League, but there are doubts about the future of the character and whether Henry Cavill will be donning the signature red cape again. 


Back in July, Cavill appeared to deny rumours that he would play Superman again in the future. However, he didn’t explicitly state that he wasn’t being considered for the role and sometimes, actors lie about these deals. While negotiations are still ongoing, actors are not always allowed to let on about their future roles, so there is every chance that Cavill was just keeping his cards close to his chest. He is also currently working on The Witcher for Netflix and the interviews that he has given recently are focused on that, which implies that he may have been trying to avoid discussion about Superman by shutting the questions down. 


However, recent rumours suggest that somebody else may have already been cast as the new Superman. Warner Bros. have confirmed that they are searching for a new Superman and this character will appear in the extended universe. There are rumours that Michael B. Jordan will be the new Superman but these are yet to be confirmed. 


You may think that this implies the end of Henry Cavill as Superman but that isn’t necessarily the case and we may see much more of the Henry Cavil superman routine as he gets in shape for his next film as the renowned hero. but how can Henry Cavill still be Superman if somebody else is also being cast in the role? 


The upcoming Flash film is set to introduce the idea of a multiverse into the DC extended universe, and it is possible that this is how Henry Cavill will return as Superman even though Warner Bros. are searching for a new Superman. It’s already been confirmed that a live action version of Superman: Red child is in production, and that it will take place outside of the DC universe. However, it is also possible that DC aims to create multiple universes with multiple versions of Earth, that all take place in the same extended film universe. If this is the case, Henry Cavill could reprise his role as Superman on one version of earth while the new actor plays a different version of the character in an alternate universe. 


There is no confirmation of this rumour as of yet and it’s challenging to know whether Cavill will return as Superman because reception to his previous appearances has been mixed. While some people loved him as Superman, some of the films were very poorly received, especially Batman vs Superman. On the other hand, a lot of people like Cavill as Superman but felt that he was given very poor scripts to work with and would like to see him return in a new film with a better writer and director. 


It could be a big risk for DC to bring back an actor that was so divisive, especially when he is playing a character as renowned and essential as Superman. They may simply decide that they want to reboot the character and try again with somebody else. However, the multiverse concept that they plan to introduce in the new Flash film does allow for multiple actors playing different iterations of the character. The DC extended universe has already seen a lot of reboots and different actors in the main roles, which is why it has taken a while to get off the ground. This implies that even more changes could also be a risk and it may be best to stick with the actors that we know.


These rumours are yet to be confirmed, so only time will tell whether we will see Henry Cavill as Superman again.