August 21, 2023


The creatively sensational as well as original indie series, Arks, is nearing its halfway point, with pre-production on problem 3 getting prepared to launch. What does RJ Collins, the book’s creator, have to state about the development of the series? What can we expect to see in the future?

This is a extremely thorough sci-fi series. exactly how much research study went into this? have you worked together with any type of scientists for extra information?

R.J Collins: “The line “if you copy from one book it’s plagiarism, lots of books, it’s research” applies here. however add countless podcasts, TedTalks, Youtube videos, etc as well as something like the concept for Arks starts to emerge. I’ve been composing as well as researching Arks for over a decade as well as I am still researching. I have really rewritten parts of problem three as well as four to bring it according to recent discoveries about the exo-planet featured in the comic Tau Ceti E as well as some synbio advances.

I have a few great buddies who are M.Ds as well as I routinely harass them to sanity inspect the work. Dr. Lucy Crompton who edits the comic is a stem cell scientist at UWE Bristol as well as she torpedoes my whimsy on a quarterly basis.”

Why a Comic? Where did you discover your motivation for working in this medium?

“Science fiction must be new as well as confounding as well as with a few significant exceptions I believe contemporary sci-fi has been quite stale considering that the 80s (disclaimer: I was likewise born in 80s }:0)

Somehow pop culture got truly behind the science. Take SynBio as an example- It’s one of the most interesting fields of biology as well as yet a lot of people have never heard of it. producing synthetic life from biology?! producing enzymes that convert CO2 into ethanol. producing bespoke living machines to do surgeries as well as augment the human experience. Making organic robots that can make genuine robots!? It’s sufficient to keep you awake at night. however there is essentially nothing about it in the culture.

Anyway, shameless creative charlatan that I am, I saw this as an chance to make something original, as well as integrate it with my like of Von Neuman probes which again, extremely few people have heard off.  I’m sure the culture will catch up with the science in the next decade as well as I hope Arks will be a part of that.”

One of the things that makes Arks special is its sensational artwork. exactly how did you discover the visual idea for the series?

“It came about mostly since I can’t draw

I was put off by the concept of making a comic for lots of years since the believed of drawing a character’s likeness a number of hundred times for a graphic book made me shiver. I understood I might do it, however as I wasn’t a jobbing comic book artist, I understood it would take me a long time. then I hatched upon the concept of creating the characters in 3D as well as posing them like marionettes (which is quite simple to do now) so that’s exactly how it came about. It was still a phenomenal amount of work however I might concentrate on it looking good. Not whether the character appeared like the exact same person in the previous frame.

Issue two as well as three is illustrated by the fantastic Andrew Morris who unlike me, can draw.”

Arks #3 marks the halfway point for the series. Where will it leave us?

“Like a lot of sci-fis, the very first act is usually a bit bulky as you have to hit the audience with a gigantic exposition dump to put them into the truth of the universe. That was the difficulty for the very first two issues, conveying info whilst still making it an entertaining read. problem three as well as four nevertheless are when the story truly begins as well as I pledge overall pandemonium. The story evolves in horrible as well as thrilling methods that people will never have seen before. When this comic is total there won’t be one more comic like it so to state I’m impatient for people to get their copy is an understatement.

We have Andrew Morris’s stunning ‘Caduceus Cover’ for problem three as well as we’ll have some preview pages to share nearer to the introduce of the problem three Kickstarter in late Feb. Otherwise, inspect out the ARKS problem three Kickstarter introducing Feb 24th @ 8pm GMT.”

Once Arks is complete, will you be releasing the story as a graphic novel?

We would like to do that, our tentative plan is to introduce a volume One Kickstarter in October/November this year that will include the very first three problems integrated into a single graphic Novel, however this would depend upon the problem three Kickstarter hitting a few stretch goals, etc.

Some comic book fans treat the artform like speculators as well as believe ‘I’ll wait on the comic to be integrated into a full graphic book before getting it’ however I would state there is no assurance we’ll get there. These books have high produnull