January 16, 2023


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Vampirella #1 cover by Chrissie Zullo

Kate Leth has serviced such comics as Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat, experience Time, Edward Scissorhands, Bravest Warriors, as well as more. Now, she’s composing the upcoming new Vampirella series from Dynamite. Westfield’s Roger Ash contacted Leth to discover a lot more about the series.

Westfield: What about Vampirella attracts you to the character?

Kate Leth: A few things – I’ve wished to do something better to the horror spectrum for awhile, as well as I like anything supernatural. I like that her stories have been so wildly different over the years, from the extremely severe to the absolutely camp. There’s a great deal to play with. Plus, vampires!

Vampirella #1 cover by Jay Anacleto

Westfield: She’s sporting a new look in this series. exactly how did that come about?

Leth: Nicola Scott created it as an updated version of her traditional outfit, something that makes a lot more sense for action as well as fighting. We still see her in her standard look from time to time, however her new attire is something I truly love.

Westfield: What can visitors look ahead to in the story?

Leth: Monsters, kissing, action, sultry dialogue, intrigue, secrets, a lot more monsters, as well as perhaps even a lot more kissing.

Vampirella #1 cover by Tula Lotay

Westfield: who are a few of the other characters aside from Vampirella that visitors will satisfy in the series?

Leth: We begin with Tristan as well as Coleridge, two terrific characters that Nancy Collins did an fantastic task with, complying with Vampirella to LA. From there we satisfy a pr agent named Juliette Court, a mysterious villain who goes by Slade, as well as a cinema owner, Genevieve, whose past as well as allegiances are murky at best… particularly where Juliette is concerned.

Westfield: You’re working with artist Eman Casallos on the book. What can you state about your collaboration?

Leth: Eman’s fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with all of his art that I’ve seen so far – his action sequences are a few of the very best I’ve ever seen. I like his expressions, although my much-loved bits are the monsters. He encourages me to up the brutality, in addition to the comedy. I’m truly lucky to be working with him.

Vampirella #1 membership cover by Tony Fleecs

Westfield: any type of closing comments?

Leth: only that I hope even those who have never checked out a Vampirella comic will inspect this out – perhaps even particularly if they haven’t. It’s something extremely different, extremely fun, as well as a lot more than a bit weird.


Vampirella #1