December 16, 2022

BOB’S news about STUFF!!!

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The new Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon begins airing October 20 on the Disney XD Channel.

Joe hill talks about ending the Locke and key comics and the upcoming TV series;

There is a printing error in Dark Horse’s recent Conan newspaper Strips Hardcover, but no word yet on if the book will be returnable.

In sad news, and a sign of the times, DC has announced the upcoming end of their Wildstorm line.

Check out the trailer for the direct to DVD All-Star Superman animated movie;

December 9, 2022

BOB’S news about STUFF!!!

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Sonic The Hedgehog Relocates To IDW in 2018


After months of conjecture as well as non-information, it was revealed at SDCC 2018 that Sega America has dropped its association with Archie Comics as well as will be partnering with IDW for new Sonic The Hedgehog comics to debut in 2018!

Marvel is turning Timothy Zahn’s recent Thrawn book into a star Wars: Thrawn mini-series beginning in February!

Like their recent Black Widow stint, mark Waid as well as Chris Samnee will be taking over Steve Rogers’ comic future beginning with Captain America #695 in November!

November’s Doomsday Clock from DC Comics will now be 12-issues long!

Alan Moore as well as Kevin O’Neill’s final league of remarkable Gentlemen: The Tempest is due summertime of 2018!

Frank Miller is working on upcoming Dark Knight-style Superman project!

Grant Morrison is working on an Arkham Aslyum 2!

Jeff Smith is working on a new Bone book entitled Smiley’s dream Book!

Deadpool VS Old guy Logan mini-series – coming in October! as well as November’s Spider-Man Deadpool  #23 becomes Spider-Man VS Deadpool!

Batman’s present protege, fight it out Thomas, will be getting his own continuous series “soon” entitled Batman: The Signal!

November sees IDW crossing over 2 of its licensed properties once again with teen Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters 2!

And, inspect out the brand spankin’ new trailers for Thor: Ragnarok as well as Justice League!

R.I.P. Flo Steinberg!

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