April 2, 2023

PANGAEA-The Anatomy of Frank

The Anatomy of Frank starts with a bouncy jaunt. “Saturday Morning” is fluffy pop, and easy to dismiss. It’s good, but it’s nothing new. then the second track, “Mogwai Stole My Chord Progression,” digs a bit deeper. There’s still light, airy vocals…But there’s some Radiohead-ish gloom lurking throughout. and the drums are…Fantastic. What’s going on here?

By the time you hit “Bill Murray,” the Radiohead influences are strong, but this is like progressive, experimental POP–as opposed to indie experimentalism. It’s immediately available and thought provoking all at once. That’s rare.

From track to track, the album changes styles on a dime (check out “Hey SATAN! (I know where you live)” or the anthemic “Dirge (For Matt).” Or stick around for the slow build of “The death of a Fly.”

It’s not a perfect record, but it shows a lot of potential. some of the songs meander on for a bit too long–but overall, the writing is creative, strong, and provocative.

This is a band worth watching.