May 7, 2023


There are very few, if any, comic book characters right now with as bright a future as Miles Morales. This article will discuss some important comics to be on the lookout for.


Ultimate fallout #4

Miles makes his first appearance in this book and it is a must-have for all collectors.  There are four different versions of this comic out there with the Marko Djurdjevic 1:25 variant being the most sought after.  This variant sells for $2,000 to $3,000 in 9.8 and is out of reach for most collectors.  I’ve mentioned this before but the book I really like is the second printing with Miles’ face exposed.  The print run was less than 15,000 on this book and I think everybody continues to sleep on it.  As a result, the CGC Census shows 300 graded copies compared to just over 4,300 for the first print.


Ultimate Comics All new Spider-Man #1

This book features Miles’ second appearance and the first time he shows up in his own title.  The A cover for this book is widely available but there aren’t that many graded copies floating around out there according to the CGC Census, just over 200 currently.  There are three super collectible variants to be aware of.

The Sara Pichelli Miles Morales Unmasked 1:15 Variant is the book most savvy investors seem to be chasing.  This book is very tricky to find for less than $150 raw because of its scarcity.  The second book is the Sara Pichelli 1:30 Variant.  This book is a genuine ghost, nearly impossible to track down.  There are 110 copies listed on the census.  However, if you find it, grab it.  given its scarcity, this book should be trading in the $500 range.  Lastly, there is a Sketch Sara Pichelli Miles Morales Unmasked Variant. If you ever see this book selling for a good price, buy it and run.  There is currently a copy on eBay with an asking price of $30,000!!!


Miles Morales: ultimate Spider-Man #1

This is Miles’ second solo title and the first time his name appears in the title.  This book had a small print run of less 50,000 making the variant covers very hard to find.  There is a David Peterson 1:25 Variant that rarely shows its head anywhere.  There are a total of 43 listed on the CGC Census so I would grab one soon.  The book sells for less than $100 in 9.8 when you can find it and that price is an amazingly good deal.  The book that I absolutely love and can never find is the Fiona Staples 1:50 Variant.  With a total print run of less than 50,000, very few retailers were ordering 50 copies of this book, it is a modern ghost.  because of this, it could very well be my favorite of all the books on this list.


Marvel Previews #95

This book includes the first true appearance of Miles Morales and predates his appearance in ultimate fallout by three full months.  These books are very hard to find as collectors were largely negative on the idea of a new Spider-Man and didn’t hang onto them.  There are a total of two graded copies on the CGC Census, therefore, making it the rarest book on this list and the book doesn’t even show up when you search for it on GoCollect.  While these sorts of books aren’t for everyone, they are definitely for me as they are super unique.  As a result, this book has the potential to skyrocket in price given its scarcity.


The final Analysis

In conclusion, these are just a handful of really amazing books featuring Miles Morales.  The character’s appeal is as far-reaching as any in the comic book world today.  many of the books on this list are super rare and could reach extremely lofty price levels as collectors become aware of them.


Thanks for reading.



Mr. Long/Short


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