March 18, 2023

99 methods to tell a story

99 methods to tell a story has been billed as a how-to book, however it’s much more precise to talk about it in recommendation to its subtitle. Matt Madden has been conducting “Exercises in Style”, telling the exact same short comic story 99 different methods (inspired by the work of Raymond Queneau). Madden is understood as a proponent of formalism, the concept that imagination isn’t necessarily constrained by boundaries. Instead, synthetic restraints (like restricting the number of pages or needing that a story utilize specific words) can influence invention. This volume demonstrates the accuracy of that theory, reaching new heights of motivation with an incredibly synthetic setup.

The fundamental premise is this: a guy gets up from his computer, answers a concern asking the time, opens a little refrigerator, as well as forgets what he’s looking for. It’s barely a story, however that’s part of the point. By making the canvas so boring, Madden can demonstrate exactly how different approaches produce extremely different type of art.

In different strips, he modifications the point of view, the art style, the number of panels, the storytelling method (one runs backwards, for example, while one more utilizes flashbacks), or adds or removes characters. one of the pages shows the stages of building a comic while one more is a palindrome that reads the exact same backwards as well as forwards. He may focus on only one aspect of a common comic page, such as noise impacts or facial expressions, or remix his own work in absurd fashion.

Differences can be subtle, as when the fundamental story has emanata (symbols like floating hearts or concern marks or a light bulb to imply an idea) added to it. (The visitor will likewise discover words for things they never understood had words.) Some strips are in-jokes to those familiar with comics, as when noted creators, including Art Spiegelman as well as Daniel Clowes, contribute panels or Madden responds to Scott McCloud’s listing of kinds of panel transitions.

Some pages are barely comics whatsoever — they’re graphs, maps, ads, digital code, or calligrams (text developed into a shape) — while others acknowledge the broad history of the medium. Madden produces pages in the style of everyday comic strips, manga, 60s undergrounds, Jack Kirby, as well as war, Western, science fiction, as well as romance comics. (Which puts the last line of the comic in a unexpected new light.) The color section homages include the Yellow Kid, 50s EC horror, Charles Atlas ads, as well as Tintin. Throughout, there’s an air of lively exploration that’s a delight to share.

The book is beautifully formatted, comfortable to hold as well as simple to checked out or flip through. Each new exploration appears on the right-hand page with a little label on the left. The titles may add to the story, making connections clearer or crediting influences. There’s only one comic page visible at a time, so they don’t contend with each other, however much more connections can be inferred from the sequence. There’s a new discovery on every page, making this one of the most thrilling as well as unexpected graphic novels around.

So, back to that how-to idea. The cover states this book will “inspire your own innovative work”, as well as that’s true enough. any type of developer will discover concepts right here to enhance or broaden their comics, storytelling, or writing. This book is a interesting exploration of the interaction of style as well as content, as well as anybody thinking about the comic medium ought to own a copy.

The exercises in style site features guest artists continuing the concept, including a Reader’s digest version of one artist’s preferred eight panels from the entire book. Matt Madden likewise has a site.

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