January 26, 2023

CONAN as well as RED SONJA REUNITE FOR THE very first TIME IN FIFTEEN YEARS legendary CROSSOVER event FROM DYNAMITE as well as DARK equine

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Red Sonja. Art by Guerra.

October 8th, 2013, Mt. Laurel, NJ – new York Comic-Con Announcement:  Dynamite Entertainment as well as Dark equine Comics are happy to announce the 2014 crossover of swords-and-sorcery icons Red Sonja, She-Devil with a Sword as well as Conan the Barbarian, a reunion that fans have requested because their last team-up over fifteen years ago.  Two series will be published, Conan/Red Sonja as well as Red Sonja/Conan, by Dynamite as well as Dark Horse, respectively.  Acclaimed writers Gail Simone as well as Brian wood are verified as the writers for the legendary crossovers, both firmly recognized as important contributors to the Robert E. Howard fantasy mythos.

Gail Simone, present Red Sonja series writer, states, “It’s only the crossover that visitors have been begging to have for over a decade: the two biggest barbarian adventurers ever produced in an legendary tale of blood, lust, as well as vengeance.  This is the type of stuff that made me a visitor in the very first place, as well as working with Brian wood as well as his incredible version of Conan?  It’s just a sword-and-sorcery dream come true.  It’s sword vs. sword, Cimmerian vs. Hyrkanian, loincloth vs. bikini, as well as it’ll most likely be the most fun you’ll have reading a comic all year.”

Conan #23

Brian Wood, present Conan series writer adds, “Conan as well as Red Sonja together are a genre dream team, as well as I’m looking ahead to not only working with Gail on the story, however producing a crossover story that is legendary as well as big as these things ought to be… as well as something that matters, that’s relevant, as well as adds something to every character’s rich history.”

Red Sonja art by Frison

Nick Barrucci, CEO as well as publisher of Dynamite Entertainment, says, “Red Sonja as well as Conan are the power-couple of fantasy comics.  They define the genre together, the renowned figures by which all others are measured.  Their history is intertwined, as well as I expect it was only destiny that would lead them together again.  Well, that as well as a great deal of planning together with fantastic people like Mike Richardson, Gail Simone, as well as Brian wood as well as the editorial teams from both of our companies.  as well as the timing might not be much better as this is a big cross-over to hit as we go into our 10th Anniversary.  We couldn’t be much more delighted to see the Robert E. Howard tradition made whole once again with two Hyboria-shaking crossover events.”

Conan #24

Mike Richardson, president as well as publisher of Dark Horse, says, “I believe the fans of these series have been waiting a extremely long time to see them together again. I’m pleased that we might work this out with the great people at Dynamite.”

More info will be offered in coming weeks concerning the long-awaited Conan as well as Red Sonja reunion event.

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