March 17, 2023

A guy as well as His feline volume 4

Umi Sakurai continues to develop out this world, balancing moments of considerable emotional depth with scenes of adorable feline habits with universal appeal.

A guy as well as His feline volume 4 complies with up from the previous volume. Hibino’s resentment towards Mr. Kanda, from the days when they were both show pianists, is explained. Thankfully, they get new possibilities to interact, now that Kanda has retired from the stage, when they satisfy in the pet store as well as Kanda begins assisting Hibino with the feline he never wanted.

Coincidentally, it turns out that Hibino’s feline may be a littermate of Kanda’s Fukumaru. We discover out more about what drives Hibino’s jealousy (as his mom is a monster) in addition to get new point of view on Kanda’s handle the situation. He’s not perfect, as he needs to deal with his own chances for growth. That everything comes together with the selfless affection for their cats makes it more thematic.

The emotions in this series can be ridiculously over-the-top. For example, when Hibino decides to keep the feline as well as names her, the feline has tears in her eyes since she’s so grateful to have a home. It’s exaggerated as well as yet rewarding. as well as there’s something satisfying about seeing people make new good friends as well as motivate each other to stretch beyond their limitations as well as try new things, as when Mr. Kanda goes to a rock show by one of his fellow teachers. The art supports all the realizations as well as connections by showing us happy people as well as their pets.

The cats don’t look like the actual animals at all, to my eyes, however the comfortable scenes of owner as well as pet cuddling each other are still heart-warming. The silly one-pagers, which show little moments of feline behavior, provide mental resting area in between the bigger stories. I like that they’re understandable even to those without cats.

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