April 7, 2023

CAPTAIN marvel #47 (1976)

I absolutely get that fights for silly reasons between two great people were the lifeblood of Marvel.  They assisted highlight the “shared” nature of their universe, as well as they were the realization of the “could Superman beat Batman” arguments that lots of of these marvel writers had as kids, when the only thing to checked out was DC.  But there are limits.  This story starts off with Captain Mar-Vell needing Reed Richards’ science stuff to lastly complimentary Rick Jones from the unfavorable zone forever, however instead of knocking on the door he believes to himself that he “doesn’t have much time” as well as fights his method in.

The fight goes on for four pages.  (And it’s just against Human Torch, which in as well as of itself is as absurd has having Batman fight Superman.)

And exactly how does it end?

With Human Torch telling him to talk it out.


Creators: Gerry Conway and Bill Mantlo (cowriters) and Al Milgrom

Grade: D