June 20, 2023

Everything melts ultimately (EP label sampler)

who is damaged Circle records?  They’re the people who are providing you four excellent tunes on an EP showcasing four of their acts.  First, there’s Bandit’s “Flake,” the single a lot of depressing Christmas tune you’ll ever enjoy.  as well as I do indicate enjoy.  Or perhaps I indicate “be haunted by.”  Either way, provide it a listen.

Then, step to the smooth, jazzy Christmas tune by Triathalon, titled, “On The Sofa.” It’s likewise not a jingle-belly kinda tune, however it’s excellent nonetheless. It’s my preferred tune on the EP, in fact, as well as I’m intending to hear a lot more from them in 2016.

Third we get Ivadell’s, “Dog Days,” most likely the most straight-forward tune on the EP–and the most upbeat by far. as well as the whole thing closes with the grinding, struggle-to-walk-through-hip-deep-snow, heavy noise of sluggish as well as Steady. A a lot more proper name for this band’s noise is difficult to imagine.

A wonderful bit sampler–check it out.
Everything melts ultimately Vol. I by damaged Circles