March 7, 2023


Media release — A afflict of demons getting you down? has a liked one started gibbering in the inscrutable language of Hell? Not to worry—there are people trained to cast out those spirits! In January 2013, picture Comics will introduce you to the Dee company as well as three of its tough-as-demon-claws agents in REPOSSESSED, a raucous new mini-series by JM Ringuet (TRANSHUMAN).No-nonsense Joe, swaggering Clay, as well as whip-smart Martha are the very best repo team at Dee Agency. Their demon-vanquishing gear consists of huge guns, bigger grimoires, as well as a great supply of silver bullets as well as saints’ teeth—and they understand exactly how to utilize them! (Though Clay does tend to be heavy on the bombastic battle talk). They’ll requirement all of their skills to total a seemingly simple objective to repossess a rich woman who has run away to Las Vegas—because this is one situation of something that occurs in vegas no t staying in Vegas.

REPOSSESSED is a supernatural action-fest, with the wryness of Hellboy as well as the badass mindset of traditional Grindhouse films—exactly what Ringuet wished to create.

“What I wished to do was to produce a packed fun action thrill-ride, something that would feel like barreling down a highway in a muscle mass cars and truck with loud rock music blasting from the radio as well as a lot of good friends chuckling in the backseat,” stated Ringuet, who both composes as well as illustrates REPOSSESSED. “I wished to make it explosive, surprising, funny, with something new on every page.”

The very first problem of this Dodge charger (with a wonderful flame paint job) of a comic is due in stores on January 9. Pre-order it at your regional comics store from the November problem of Previews now, as well as save yourself the race down the interstate to snag the last problem on the shelves!

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