November 15, 2022

X-Men #1 Hickman Brings the X-Men Back to the household themes

X-Men #1 starts off with an incredible action sequence led by storm as well as Cyclops. They rescue a group of mutants Orchis wishes to experiment on, as well as bring them home. as well as that’s what the rest of our time with the X-Men focuses on for this issue: home. Specifically, the home of Summers, which has an incredible view of Earth, being that it’s on the moon. After the ominous tones of home of X as well as Powers of X, Jonathan Hickman truly makes us feel at house with X-Men #1, as well as it’s just what we needed.

Home, house on the moon…(Image: X-Men #1, marvel Comics)



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Hickman Swings from serious to Heartwarming in X-Men #1

One of the biggest criticisms Hickman usually gets is that there’s no humor or emotion, however that is not a issue in X-Men #1. This is really the most fun the X-Men have been since Jason Aaron’s Wolverine as well as the X-Men. For instance, young cable as well as Raza comparing guns leads to this Claremont-inspired familyism:

He’s young, however isn’t cable still like 18? Can’t he make his own choices? (Image: X-Men #1, MarvelComics)

But the very best bit of humor is definitely Vulcan as well as Wolverine cooking steaks:

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Image: X-Men #1, marvel Comics)

But there’s a great deal more to the problem than just an action sequence as well as some humorous moments.

X-Men #1 Highlights Romances Blossoming on Krakoa

There are two fascinating moments that hint at characters pairing up. Well, one moment as well as one blueprint. First, there’s a short scene between Rachel Summers, still going by Prestige, as well as Hepzibah of the Starjammers:

This is a household site. This is a household site. This is a household site…(Image: X-Men #1, marvel Comics)

But the other moment is from one of the now cherished Hickman Documents, which he continued right into X-Men #1. as well as this…well, let’s see if you can area it, as well as why people are freaking out:

look truly closely. (Image: X-Men #1, marvel Comics)

See it? Well, the Web has. Jean, Cyclops, as well as Wolverine aren’t just living side-by-side…their spaces link with open doorways. After decades of a like triangle as well as a feud, as well as one of Marvel’s finest bromances, as well as then one more feud, as well as then deaths, as well as then resurrections…are these three lastly just diving into a polyamorous relationship? It does makes this moment from home of X #6 deserving of revisiting:


So, they are quite touchy-feely, right? (Image: home of X #6, marvel Comics)

Hickman Makes Magneto the X-Men Messiah He always wished to Be

When the X-Men return from their mission, Cyclops as well as storm are welcomed back gracefully, however when Magneto steps with the gateway? Mutants flock to him. This is the most Jesus-like we’ve seen Magneto, however it doesn’t look like it will end as terribly for the Master of Magnetism as it did for the son of Man. At very first it’s a bit off-putting, however it becomes type of endearing too, as he talks to a young mutant who wishes to fight humans. Magneto is lastly living the life he’s always wished to live.

Messiah of Magnetism. (Image: X-Men #1, marvel Comics)

This is a damn great begin for the new age of mutant books. Hickman doesn’t just knock it out of the park with X-Men #1, he lets us rediscover the X-Men in a strong way.

Grade: exactly how have Wolverine, Jean, as well as Cyclops not check out a polyamorous triad before?
(Featured Image: X-Men #1 cover, marvel Comics)