April 3, 2023

Bill Jemas Tries to get Back into Comics With double Take

double Take is a new comic publisher funded by Take two Interactive Software. The general manager is bill Jemas, the firebrand who ran marvel during its bankruptcy (and never met a reason for free publicity he didn’t like). They’ve revealed 10 comic titles, all set in the world of the movie night of the Living Dead, which is in the public domain. So they’re banking a lot on zombies, and on coasting on the work someone else has already done to start a universe. (None of the original movie creators are involved.)

However, there are signs that things aren’t running quite so smoothly at the publisher. They began soliciting comics through diamond distribution in April with a two-page ad and a ridiculous deal for retailers: if they ordered 2 copies, they’d get an additional 10 free. but as of now, everything they solicited in April and may (a total of 8 isses) has been canceled with a “will resolicit” note.

Instead, they’re doing a Kickstarter which announces the launch date for all 10 series as September 16. You can get digital copies of all the first issues for $5 or a set of the ten issues in print for $10, which is quite the deal, except prospective purchasers should check out the previews at the publisher’s website first. They’re captioned images more than comics. It looks like someone was taking a lot of shortcuts in trying to get material together.

Certainly, I wouldn’t be reading them anyway, since I’ve never seen the movie and don’t like zombie stories. I wonder what the next turn in strategy for the company will be. There was mention at one point of selling through ComiXology, then comic stores, now it’s direct to consumers. I’m curious to see if there’s ever an issue #2 of any of these books, particularly if the Kickstarter doesn’t succeed.

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