February 8, 2023

THE case THAT started everything exposed IN THE X-FILES: YEAR ZERO

Media release — In its first year at IDW, The X-Files season 10 has pitted FBI special agents Mulder and Scully against monsters, cults, conspiracies, and more, and now the duo will unravel a mystery that dates back to the extremely beginning of “the X-Files.” The brand-new five-issue miniseries, The X-Files: Year Zero, debuts this July with an original tale fit for both X-Files diehards and mystery fans alike!
In the 1940s, a shadowy informant understood as “Mr. Xero” directed the FBI to a number of paranormal situations that would soon be classified as “X-Files,” which were reserved for the improbable and unexplainable. When dealt with with an eerily similar “Mr. Zero” in the present, agent Mulder resolves to discover the truth about who this mystery person is and their connection to these cases.

The multi-talented professional Karl Kesel (FF, Superboy) makes his debut at IDW as the writer on the series. Vic Malhotra (The X-Files: Conspiracy: The Crow) and Greg Scott (The X-Files: season 10) will be splitting art responsibilities with Malhotra offering the art for the 1940s sequences and Scott drawing the present day storyline. Covers will be offered by season 10’s Carlos Valenzuela, with pulp-novel-inspired membership variations by Robert Hack (Doctor Who) and a seller incentive cover by Eisner Award-winner Francesco Francavilla for the first installment.

“The origins of the X-Files unit of the FBI were only hinted at in the TV show, and we’re pleased to present the story of how the precursors of our favorite paranormal agents recognized the division in the late 1940s,” states editor Denton J. Tipton. “I think Bing and Millie will become fan-favorites together with Mulder, Scully, Reyes and Doggett.”

“I’ve always thought the 40s would be a fantastic setting for X-Files, with the Russian red menace, atomic mutations and flying saucers all lurking in the shadows— what I like to think of as ‘UFO Noir.’” stated Kesel from an concealed location. “Of course, renowned characters like Mulder and Scully are a happiness to write, and being given the opportunity to introduce their predecessors— Bing Ellinson and Millie Ohio— well, the truth is it’s all a bit amazing to me. but the amazing is what X-Files is all about, isn’t it?”

With an upcoming board game from IDW Games, the ongoing season 10 series, and now this new adventure into the past, IDW is the essential stop for fans of The X-Files! stay as much as date at facebook.com/idwpublishing!

About IDW Publishing

IDW is an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California. popular for its diverse catalog of licensed and independent titles, IDW publishes a few of the most successful and popular titles in the industry, including: Hasbro’s The TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE and MY bit PONY; Paramount’s star Trek; Nickelodeon’s teen Mutant Ninja Turtles; 2000AD’s judge Dredd; The Rocketeer; Toho’s Godzilla; Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The gathering and Dungeons & Dragons; and the Eisner-Award winning Locke & crucial series, produced by very popular author Joe hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez. IDW is also home to the library of American Comics imprint, which publishes classic comic reprints, Yoe! Books, a partnership with Yoe! Studio, and the multiple award-winning Artist’s edition imprint.

IDW’s critically- and fan-acclaimed series are continually moving into new mediums. Currently, Jerry Bruckheimer films and Disney are producing a feature film based on world war Robot; Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Warner siblings are creating a film based on Ashley Wood’s Lore; Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and Sony are bringing Zombies vs. Robots to film, Kurtzman/Orci are creating a motion picture based on Locke & crucial at Universal.

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