March 25, 2023

10 things I like about OCTOBER ’10 COMICS

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75 Years of DC Comics

by KC Carlson

One thing I’m not precisely crazy about general with October comics is that the giant gift book season still isn’t over yet. I am now totally overwhelmed with costly hardcovers, during a time when many comics clients (and netizens) are trying desperately to budget plan their comics purchases to around $20 dollars a week. I’m not a huge fan of publishing plans which have all (or most) of the major releases organized for the holiday season, particularly when every single one of the publishers does the exact same thing. There is always so much stuff offered that I want (or can ask Santa for) around Christmas, that I basically fail to remember about half (or more) of it, just since I cannot pay for it. This is why I’ll always believe that a yearlong routine of excellent books as well as jobs will always trump a publishing plan that has whatever dumped into the fourth quarter. Publishers, why take a foolish danger that your huge year-end job (or three) may be the one (or many) that gets forgotten in the crush?

Now, having stated that… one of the most costly books of the year (but…):

Paul Levitz

1. 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of contemporary Mythmaking: There’s already been buzz about this job for months, however when I just recently heard what the cost tag was — $200 (of course, well discounted at Westfield!) — I believed they were crazy. up until I saw the photo to the left. That is one significant book! It’s 11.4 x 15.6 inches, 720 pages, as well as it evaluates over 15 pounds, according to info at the publisher’s website. (Other sources may have older information.) The guy holding the book is its author, Paul Levitz. Paul is a excellent option to compose this book, as he was at DC for 35 out of those 75 years — as well as has extensively researched the rest! one of the very best parts of my tenure at DC was running into Paul in the hallways when he was in the mood to share a bit history/trivia. one of the more surprising: being informed that my preferred 1970s “artistic” Joe Orlando-edited runs of home of secret as well as home of tricks were really outsold by the more “formula” Murray Boltinoff-edited Ghosts as well as unforeseen titles. (The lesson being that perceived high quality isn’t always what the general public will select to buy.) I expect the book to be full of similar “lost” facts of DC’s 75-year history. I don’t believe it will be a total nuts-and-bolts history — this is an art book, very first as well as foremost — however a once-in-a-lifetime look into the little-seen treasures forgotten in the DC vaults, or in collections from around the world. as well as not just the very first problem covers that we always see. inspect out the publisher’s (TASHEN) webpage for great deals of interesting sample pages.

Genius, Isolated

2. Genius, Isolated: The Life as well as Art of Alex Toth: the most eagerly awaited visual biography of the year. Written by Dean Mullaney as well as Bruce Canwell as well as published by IDW, Genius, Isolated is a large (400 pages!) hardcover outlining the life as well as work of of one of comics’ most unique talents. It’s profusely illustrated with numerous drawings by Toth — many unusual as well as un-reprinted — as well as with extensive comments from Toth’s peers, friends, as well as household members. Whenever comic book creators get together to unwind as well as talk about excellent artwork, the conversation always gets around to Toth. discover out why in this fantastic book. Roger Ash is hoping to get an interview with author Dean Mullaney, so look for that soon right here at the Westfield blog!

Archie Statue

3. Archie Stuff: I understand I talk a great deal about Archie Comics here, however this month’s truly packed for fans of the freckle-head! very first up is Archie Firsts — a teaser of the new Dark equine Comics line of Archie Archive editions featuring not only the very first appearances of the primary characters (Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, as well as Reggie), however all of the character’s stories from Archie #1, Jughead #1, Archie’s Girls, Betty & Veronica #1, as well as Reggie #1 — all in hardcover. Bob Greenberger will have all the details in a few days, right right here at the Westfield blog . . . Also, Dark equine is introducing an Archie line of their wonderful traditional Comic Collector series of mini-statues (you know, the ones in the great tin boxes!) . . . Meanwhile, IDW as well as Yoe Books! are providing Archie: 7 decades of America’s preferred Teenagers. Written by Craig Yoe, this 224-page coffee table art book will ideally be the very first “fun” book to cover the entire history of Archie Comics. (Previous histories have been incomplete or excessively academic.) With top 10 cover classifications including “Aliens as well as Monsters”, “Swimsuits”, “Rock ‘n Roll”, as well as “What Th’?!?” (Archie has had some crazy covers over the years!), this looks to be the fun Archie history. likewise featuring key artist as well as writer biographies (Montana, DeCarlo, Lucey, Schwartz, as well as more), detailed character spotlights, superheroes, tons of unpublished artwork as well as more! . . . Over at Archie Comics itself, there’s a huge three-part crossover “New Kids” story (in Archie as well as good friends #148, Archie #614, as well as Betty as well as Veronica #250) which introduces a lot of new characters to Archie’s world, while world of Archie double digest #1 provides 160 pages of traditional Archie Christmas stories!

Tiny Titans/Little Archie

4. small Titans/Little Archie: as well as you believed we were done… however wait, there’s more! one of the very best present youngsters comics’ cast (say that 5 times fast!) satisfies one of the very best traditional youngsters comics’ cast (ditto!) when Johnny DC teams up with Archie Comics to present small Titans/Little Archie, a three-part miniseries featuring the mightiest, tiny-est crossover in comics history! Plus, it’s the very first new bit Archie story in many years. Aw, yeah! A significant shout out to Art Baltazar as well as Franco, the guys composing as well as drawing this mini-opus. When I really succumbed to comic book burnout (ironically, after composing about it) a few weeks back as well as totally stopped reading comics, the comic I selected to bring me back in was small Titans, reading the entire run in one sitting. now I’m back as well as super-charged about comics again, thanks to this fantastic book! Remember, since it’s for All Ages doesn’t mean it’s just for kids. inspect this book out! Kid-sized Josie as well as the Pussycats show up in problem #2. however where’s bit Ambrose?

Avengers vs. Pet Avengers

5. Avengers vs. Pet Avengers: Oh, no! Not one more comic book where the heroes all get turned into frogs as well as get into a fight with their super-powered “pets” since of some misunderstanding just so there’s a “vs.” in the title, when really the frog-heroes team up with the pets since the dragons have decided to take over the earth (which most likely produces an angst-filled inner dispute within Lockheed), as well as then it takes four problems to tell the tale (or tail, as it were)! There’s like 17 of these comics every week! WHEN will THE MADNESS END!?! (And what must it odor like in that frog-sized armor?)

Richard Stark’s Parker: The Outfit

6. Richard Stark’s Parker: The Outfit: The second volume of Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of Stark’s (actually Donald E. Westlake’s) traditional noir criminal offense novels is now offered for ordering! The previous volume, The Hunter, offered out its very first printing as well as was one of the most-lauded books of the year, garnering several award nominations as well as winning the 2010 Eisner award for finest Adaptation From one more Work. I’m composing this just two days before I lastly get to see the special super-sized preview that IDW just recently published for The attire (why, oh, why does FedEx not have teleportational shipment yet?!), so I can’t tell you exactly how excellent Darwyn Cooke’s art looks. (But it’s Darwyn — duh! — so obviously it will be outstanding!) As far as story goes, The attire opens with Parker living the high life after recuperating the money he was cheated out of by the syndicate. bet that won’t last long, when the attire discovers out! 160 pages of Stark/Cooke greatness, in color, published by IDW.

The Horror!

7. The Horror! The Horror! Comic books the government Didn’t want You to Read!: champion of the very best title of the month award, in addition to the only book about horror comics written by a Shakespearean scholar (at least this month). author Jim Trombetta’s 300-page, heavily illustrated history of the pre-Comics Code horror comics of the 1950s takes us back to the days where Congress (with nothing much better to do) investigated comic books as a source of juvenile delinquency, based on the say-so of a pop psychologist of the day — as well as it was broadcast on TV no less! The book provides a detailed history as well as context for these comics as well as their creators — plus there’s a benefit DVD featuring the 25-minute Confidential File, a unusual TV show very first broadcast in 1955 about the “evils” of comic books as well as their impact on juvenile delinquency! OMG! exactly how frightening is that! That may be worth the cost of the book itself! published by Abrams.


8. Deadpoolmax #1: Y’know, most of the time I feel like I’m the only guy around who doesn’t comprehend the charm of Deadpool or why he currently has more monthly comic books than, say, Nextwave. anyone wanting to hint me in on the awesomeness of Deadpool, please feel free to utilize the comments box below (although all comments must be in appropriate english, in total sentences, as well as “Because he’s sooo awesome, dude” is not acceptable). I will be inspecting out Deadpoolmax #1, however, since Dave Lapham (Stray Bullets) as well as Kyle Baker (Letitia Lerner, Superman’s Babysitter) are the innovative team as well as they are sooo awesome, dude! For mature or Max-type people only.

Top Cow very first Look

9. The Round-Up: right here a few other things you may want to inspect out this month: top Cow is offering up the very best value in comics this month with the top Cow very first look TPB, collecting the very first problems of six new comics — for only five bucks! six comics anywhere else would normally run you $18-$24 dollars . . . Dynamite’s new Warlord of Mars series based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter novels might be fascinating . . . Xenozoic: The total Collection compiles the amazingly lovely Xenozoic Tales by mark Schultz in a 352-page trade paperback by Flesk. Flesk is likewise listing a new Jim Silke Jungle women collection of paintings . . . Yo Gabba Gabba!: Comic book Time! from Oni features work from Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer, Mike Allred, J. Bone, J. Torres, as well as more as well as features all the show’s characters, including present media star Muno (featured in those Kia Sorento ads with his pals Sock Monkey, robot, as well as teddy bear — exactly how do you like me now?!) . . . Animation fans should inspect out the new Walt Disney Animation Studios Archive series hardcovers . . . Chaos war #1, Turok #1, as well as Fables #100 may all be worth inspecting out. as well as if you truly like Death, don’t miss action Comics #894. . . I hear that Bruce Wayne is back this month. Did I miss something? Was he gone? Did we miss him?

10. Silly stuff: I’m not precisely recommending these, however here’s a few of the goofy things that made me laugh this month, while trawling with numerous products looking for the great stuff.

Hardy Boys: Crawling With Zombies

* The Hardy Boys: Crawling With Zombies (a photo is worth a 1,000 words!)

Steampunk Palin

* Steampunk Palin (not that I believe it will ever get published, however the cover is great!)

* as well as a tip of the hat to comics’ perennial 8-year-old, mark Millar, for naming his new magazine CLINT. “Clint”, you see, is a formerly banned word in comics, from the days when old, imperfect printing innovation would sometimes cause the letters of some all-capital hand-lettered words to run together as well as inadvertently make new (and commonly not-so-nice) words. With all the leaps as well as bounds comics are making in important acclaim as well as public acceptance, there will always be guys like mark fighting like hell to keep them in the gutter.

Oh, as well as one last thing this month. Those of you Legionnaire fans who have been wondering whatever occurred to artist Jeff Moy, he’s making his return to comics (while holding down his day task at Raven Software) in the pages of picture Comics as well as Jane Wiedlin’s woman Robotica! problem #4 is on the present order form.

KC Carlson: less war. more Foofa!

The picture of Paul Levitz comes from the Comic shop Locator site.