July 28, 2023

9.3 most popular COMICS greatest MOVERS update

Every week, GoCollect updates its most popular Comics list. The listing is updated, it’s time to speculate on the greatest movers! We do this every week, so be sure to tune in every Thursday!

This week’s most popular Comics listing has a sadder tone. As all of us know, we lost a treasured icon. Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman, passed on August 28th. Diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016, Boseman selected to keep his personal life just that, private. His death came as a shock to me, I’m sure others feel the same. He will be extremely missed.

Hottest Comics top 10

1. Black Panther #1

2. great four #52

3. outstanding Spider-Man #361

4. Spider-Woman #1

5. The savage She-Hulk #1

6. utmost after effects #4

7. Venom #3

8. Spawn #1

9. Black Panther #2

10. The new Mutants #1

Hottest Comics greatest Movers

Time to dive ideal in! this week yet once again will be somewhat different. lots of jumped for the exact same reason. So I’m going to evaluation their stats, however all of us understand why they jumped.

Black Panther

Black Panther #1 – Up 999
This comic is currently the number 1 area on the most popular Comics list. This is the very first self-titled Black Panther series. It was released in 1976 for $0.30. The sales for these problems are outrageous ideal now. I can’t even see exactly how lots of have offered in the past week! between the 29th & 30th, all 50 areas on the recent sales listing are full. From a 4.5 to 9.8 as well as even a single signature graded 9.2 – there are great deals of sales to look at. The signature grade 9.2 offered on eBay for $449. the most somebody paid was $999 for a 9.8. The present estimated FMV is $850. There is not much of a surprise for the values going for a lot more than previously valued.

Looking at the CGC census, there are currently 3,774 copies currently graded. the most typical are 9.4’s with 684, however 9.6 is close behind with 661. There are only 230 9.8’s. almost all of those in the census are blue labels, there are 174 signature series.


Black Panther #2 – Up 896
This is in the number 9 area on the most popular Comics list. It was released in 2005 as well as went for $2.99. 22 copies have offered in the past week, compared to the handful the week before. A 9.8 signature was surprisingly not the greatest sale! Rather, a 9.8 blue label that offered for $800 was the greatest sale. Personally, I believe somebody got a bit as well ecstatic as well as snagged that 9.8 without really looking around at what the others were going for. The present FMV is $350, as well as indeed the costs tend to boost after passing. however even factoring that, only two sales were that high. a lot of averaged between $255 as well as $450.

Going over to the CGC census, there are currently 620 graded copies. 362 of those are 9.8. There are only 28 signature label problems as well. There is a bit extra spec on this one. This is the very first appearance of Shuri – which I’ve seen some people state must take the reigns on the screen as she did in the comics.


Black Panther #5 – Up 932
This is one more 2009 release. 9 copies offered on the 29th compared to the 2 for the rest of the month. the most somebody paid was $340 for a 9.8 when on the exact same day somebody else got away with $199. The present FMV for a 9.8 is $250. So general nobody paid as well high (other than the $340 possibly). The value of 9.4 boosted by 213% while the values for both 9.6 & 9.8 likewise boosted between 80% as well as 90%.

According to the CGC Census, there are only 75 graded. only 8 of those are the signature label. the most typical grade is 9.8 with 41 copies. Similarly, with #2, this has the exact same conjecture surrounding it. This is the very first full appearance of Shuri as the new Black Panther. What would you like to see occur in the screen adaptation?

Fantastic Four

Fantastic four #52 – Up 155
This is the holy Grail of some collector’s Black Panther searches. This is the very first appearance of Black Panther. released in 1966 for the cover cost of $0.12, this sensational comic has been at the top of the Silver age comic listing for months. It currently sits at the number three area on the most popular Comics overall. A whopping 38 of these offered last week compared to the 4 the week prior. the most excellent sale was a purple label 9.0 that went for $2,025. The present FMV for a 9.0 is $5,000 so the truth that a brought back copy offered lower doesn’t surprise me as well much. Looking with the grades appears like on typical people paid $100-$200 above the provided FMV – which thinking about the circumstances doesn’t surprise me.

The CGC Census lists 4,730 copies. The majority of those are 6.5. There are 479 signature labels out there. A simple 5 exist as 9.8 grade. There are currently (2) on a Heritage auction going on ideal now. A 9.2 with the present quote of $4,300 as well as a 9.0 with the present quote of $3,10null