July 22, 2023


After waiting over a year for new content, MCU fans are eagerly dissecting every hint dropped in Disney’s WandaVision series.  might episode two’s animated helmet recommendation pave the method for Vision’s arch-nemesis as well as “step-brother”, the Grim Reaper to appear?


The Vision as well as the Scarlet Witch are two of my preferred marvel characters.  Whereas characters like Captain America, Iron Man, as well as Thor are core Avengers, a lot of of their character advancement occurs in their own private series.  The Vision as well as the Scarlet Witch had to have their characters established totally within the pages of the Avengers series.  as well as this had to be done while sharing time with the previously pointed out heavy hitters as well as other characters.

I believe this provided writers lots of time to expose parts of these characters to us just a few panels each time each month.  even though they have been around considering that the 1960s, I don’t believe their characters have gotten stale.  Sure, they have starred in a few mini-series along the way, however Wanda as well as Vision will always be core Avengers.

And I believe that Avengers foe, the Grim Reaper, is Vision’s arch-nemesis.

Fear the Reaper

The younger sibling of Simon Williams (the Avenger understood as question Man), Eric Williams was the black sheep of the family.  However, when he discovered that his sibling had been killed battling the Avengers (in Avengers #9), Eric swore vengeance on the heroes.

Creating a powerful scythe-like weapon that can terminate concussive blasts in addition to a coma-inducing ray, Eric becomes the Grim Reaper.  Creators Roy Thomas as well as John Buscema introduce him in Avengers #52.  He really defeats the Avengers before being shocked as well as suppressed by the brand new Avenger, the Black Panther.

The Grim Reaper’s story gets even a lot more fascinating when he returns in Avengers #78 as well as Avengers #79.  After his Lethal legion (Living Laser, Power Man, Man-Ape, as well as the Swordsman) defeats the Avengers, he learns that the android Avenger, Vision, was produced utilizing his dead brother’s brain patterns.  Unwilling to strike down this semblance of his brother, Eric releases Vision as well as deserts his allies.

The Grim Reaper goes on to battle the Avengers many times.  He seems to struggle with his feelings for the Vision, often seeing him as his lost brother, as well as other times wanting to ruin him for defiling his brother’s memory.  In an exceptional story arc crafted by Jim Shooter as well as George Perez, question guy returns.  The Grim Reaper is required to choose which “version” of his sibling is the genuine one (Avengers #160).

As You Sow So shall You Reap

Perhaps fittingly, the Grim Reaper may hold the record for the most “killed” villain in comic book history.  He has died at the hands of heroes a number of times.  He was brought back to life as a zombie, then once again by the Scarlet Witch’s magic.  during the Chaos war storyline he is restored from the realm of the dead.  The Apocalypse twins later bring back him utilizing a Celestial death Seed.

His a lot of significant death may have are available in The Vision volume 2.  Here, the Vision’s android other half kills him after he attacks their daughter.  Burying him in the backyard, she hides this info from Vision.  This leads to drama throughout this series.

WandaVision (or just Wanda)?

To be honest… I’m not loving the WandaVision series (please don’t throw anything at me).  I believe part of the reason is that I spend each episode trying to decipher hints rather than just enjoying the show.  The other reason may be that even though Paul Bettany is a excellent actor,  I want the dark, brooding Vision from the early Avengers books rather than this light-hearted version.

Other than his helmet appearing in the opening sequence of episode 2, we’ve seen no indications of a Grim Reaper appearance in the series.  However, no villain has the history with the Vision that the Reaper has.  I’m hoping the series selects to establish some background for the Vision.  If they do there are lots of methods they might tie the Grim Reaper into it, turning the problems pointed out above into possible crucial problems for him.  If not, I concern Vision’s biggest adversary may stay nearly Infamous.

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