February 12, 2023


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Beau Smith. “I’m not angry. Come, hug me!”

by beloved Smith

They state that everybody is worthy of a second chance. My concern is, “How about comic books?”

In the situation of comic books we’re really speaking about several chances, however that’s okay; in entertainment, it applies.

Being a writer as well as a comic book advertising director, there’s not a week that goes by when this concern isn’t asked:

“Why aren’t there more/any western, war, romance, crime, science fiction, humor, adventure, or fill-in-the-blank-here comic books?”

Some try to provide the answer: “Well, they don’t sell.”

As a 25 year advertising director I can tell you, that response doesn’t cut it. That’s the response somebody taking a look at the short-term photo provides you. They are not taking a look at the long haul.

For our market to really grow we requirement to diversify our product. Yes, we do have a few of the above pointed out genres, however we don’t have enough. We have much more than sufficient superhero books, which I enjoy, however as I delight in a great cheeseburger, I don’t eat them every day. Publishers will chime in that they aren’t in the company to lose money as well as that they aren’t a charity. That’s extremely true, however they’re likewise right here to make money as well as broaden their capability to make even much more money with the extremely finest product they can produce. That’s not a poor thing.

Deep Sea — Dark equine Comics

To broaden their company they requirement to have something for everybody, or at least come as close to that as possible. If you are a niche publisher, then fine, be the very best at supplying that little part of the market that you’re creating for. however if you are a big publisher, then get in for the long haul. Don’t just promote for the direct market only, try as well as hit every home that you can, drive those people to the direct market comic stores, utilize the Web to improve your books of different genres. If I had unrestricted area as well as time I might go on for thousands as well as countless words to discuss this path as well as long haul journey, however I don’t, so I won’t. (Besides, that would cost. I’m not a charity either.)

Colonized #1 IDW Publishing

If I had to pick what publishers I believed were doing an outstanding task on a smaller scale of what I speaking about, IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios as well as Dark equine Comics head the list. By smaller, I imply they don’t have the huge business backing of marvel as well as DC Comics. These publishers are prepared to do what they requirement to do to make sure there are not only licensed properties, however developer owned, historical, as well as as numerous genres as possible for the public to buy. They are prepared to try new concepts as well as venues to get the word out as well as haul money as well as visitors into the direct market in addition to the mass market.

Suicide danger BOOM! Studios

Technology as well as the method we take in home entertainment modifications not just every day, however every hour. best now there are no limits to what can be attempted to get comics, all type of comics, available as well as into the hands of people as well as their devices. pity on any type of publisher that doesn’t have sufficient red meat aggression to get available as well as take a large, bloody bite out of growth as well as revenue.

“Same heroes, exact same expression, month after month after month.”

My totally free as well as personal recommendation to marvel as well as DC Comics about superhero comics: if this genre is your flagship, great, just don’t make it your anchor. Every superhero story as well as character doesn’t have to be sour as well as depressing. Your characters can be likable, since that’s what’s gonna bring new visitors in as well as keep old readers. If you don’t have likable characters that visitors can associate to a little, then every galactic, earth breaking circumstance that you put them in isn’t going to matter. If visitors don’t like fictional characters, then they don’t care if they die. If that happens, then your story is dead. If it occurs over as well as over, then your company is dead. You don’t want that. None of us do. It’s dark in here, turn on some lights.

“Hulk Happy.” Art by Evan Shaner

If your superheroes aren’t cracking a smile, laughing, having a day off, then you’ve got nothing however very fiction, as well as I don’t imply that in a great way. Take a page from what the films did with The Avengers as well as Iron Man, make these characters likable.

Things are changing. Your visitors aren’t dopes. Entertain them for the long haul.

Diversify or die in the panel gutters…Your choice.

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch