June 11, 2023


Buffetibre is, without a doubt, one of the funnest locations on the interweb.  There’s always some weirdo indie band covering some even weirder esoteric 1980s tune, as well as then out of nowhere you’ll discover some (relatively) understood artist or a remix that blows your mind.  Nuggets, people.  It’s a location to pan for gold.  You’ll discover all type of stones–some rocks, some quartz, as well as some pure gold.  however their most current 180-song cover project, Peace, made with Amnesty International, is lastly out.  They’ve been speaking about it–and working on it–for 2 years.  as well as it was worth the wait.

What do you get if you get it?  (Here.)  You get a lot more than 180 special as well as unreleased tunes by artists from a lot more than 50 countries, all for the cost of a donation to Amnesty worldwide Catalunya.  The collected money will be utilized for AI’s investigation as well as action campaigns aimed at stopping cases of Human Rights abuses around the world.

All the tunes included in peace are offered for streaming at in addition to info on all artists participating in the project. The full compilation, downloadable with a donation to Amnesty worldwide Catalunya, includes all the tunes in 320Kbps mp3 format.

What artists are on the record?  delighted you asked (inhales deeply as well as then spits quick as well as furious): Bonde Do Role, Apostle Of Hustle, buck 65, Micah P. Hinson, Steve Wynn, Patrick Wolf, Paul Niehaus of Calexico, The Veils, Ra Ra Riot, The Antlers, Asobi Seksu, The Spinto Band, Port O’Brien, Thao + The get Down stay Down, X-Wife, Marc Almond, Mogwai . . . as well as that’s just naming a few.

Here’s a video as well as a few tunes, to make you wanna support this great, worthy project:

Patrick Wolf – army Dreamers (Kate Bush cover)
Rockettothesky – Heroes (David Bowie cover)
Dusty youngster – Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins cover)
Voxtrot – Whiskey as well as Water
Tahiti 80 – fracture Up